Ecache Hunt Headquarters Updated

8 Jul

We’ve updated the hunt headquarters! Here are the changes:

ANYONE can access the headquarters now!! Stop in and check out our newest hunt!

Fantasea Hunt is now taking applications!

Vendors can now “buy” a vendor on the wall and have it automatically set to ONLY give contents to approved official Ecache bloggers! If you haven’t already, our bloggers are asking for samples to blog about. It’s great exposure for you, take advantage of it!



Plugged In Hunt Blogged!

7 Jul

Here are a few blog posts about the plugged in hunt for you to enjoy!

JP’s Alley Catz – Plugged In Hunt

6 Jul

JP’s Alley Catz is the fan group for JPeabody, a LIVE singer in SL.

JPeabody, LIVE Singer

JP has been singing for most of his real life and uses that experience to entertain a wide variety of audiences, from a casual beach party to a formal jazz club, with his dynamic personality. He uses backing tracks so the audience will get the benefit of a full band sound out of his performance and adds new songs to his song list frequently to keep his shows fresh.

You can hear samples of his talent and see his current bookings at his blog:

JP’s Alley Catz has offered up this hunt gift for the Plugged In Hunt – a fun and beachy stage! Be sure to stop by his landmark and grab it before the hunt is over!

Click for bigger picture!

Plugged In Hunt has begun!

1 Jul

This short and sweet hunt can be completed in a few hours – and you’ll walk away with an armful of amazing new venues and awesome prizes!


Plugged In Hunt Update!

21 Jun

All applications have been reviewed!

The vendor packages will be sent out this evening, so be ready to set your gift out. Remember the deadline for having your gift hidden, hint & pic submitted to the blog is JUNE 28.

Payments were due yesterday. If you have not submitted your payment, please do so asap or we will have to remove your sponsorship and move your store to the end of the list.

We have a great mix of old favorites and new places to visit with some amazing gifts so be ready to hunt on JULY 1!

Plugged In Hunt

20 May

Applications are open for the Plugged In Hunt! Get them in early, order is determined by first come, first served.

Welcome to Ecache Hunts!

20 May

You can browse through our current hunts in the sidebar. Happy Hunting!