Plugged In Hunt II


The Plugged In Hunt is all about music in Second Life. The hunt is a bit different in that it is open to stores &  designers like most hunts, but also to club venues, performers, DJ’s, and hosts, or anyone as long as they are able to otherwise follow the hunt guidelines.

This is a L$1 hunt.

Vendor Requirements:

  1. You must post the hunt sign in a visible location (within 50m of the hidden gift) for the duration of the hunt
  2. You must adhere to the timeline (important!)
  3. You must provide a hint for the hunt gift and a pic of the gift for our blog
  4. You must join the Ecache Hunts inworld group and remain in the group for the duration of the hunt
  5. You must notify us immediately using the form on this blog if your location moves

Hunt Gift Requirements:

  1. Must be unisex, or male AND female (adult items must be clearly marked as such)
  2. The gift must be offered exclusively for the hunt for the duration of the hunt
  3. No freebies, resellers, or business in a box items – please only give quality gifts that reflect your location
  4. It must be music themed – anything to do with music
  5. It must be sellable (a landmark to a music stream is not a suitable hunt gift, but a CD with playable music is)
  6. You must be able to provide a URL to a picture of the gift (a flikr url to the picture for example)


  • 20 May – Applications Open
  • 28 June – Applications Closed, Sponsor Payments Due
  • 21-28 June – Vendor Package Sent Out
  • 29 June – Hunt Gift SLURL, Hint, and Pic are due
  • 29 June – First Walkthrough
  • 30 June – Final Walkthrough – BE READY!
  • 1 July – HUNT BEGINS!

Hunt Information:

  1. Applications are approved on a first come, first serve basis.
  2. Vendors will be notified if they are accepted into the hunt when applications close.
  3. Hunt path order is determined by sponsorships and order of applications received. Adult sims will be clearly marked and skip LMs provided for those who will not visit an adult sim.
  4. A hunt HINT and PIC are REQUIRED for this hunt. If you do not provide the hint by the deadline, hunters will be given the slurl directly to your gift.
  5. Up to 5 decoys are allowed. Do NOT rename, resize, recolor, or retexture the hunt gift. Do NOT modify the hunt gift in any way other than to add your gift to the contents.
  6. Vendors can send up to ONE group notice per day. Sponsors can send an additional 2 group chat notices per day.
  7. Failure to adhere to the rules means you WILL be dropped and another store put in your place. You will only get one warning about issues that may arise.
  8. The hunt headquarters are open to all, but ONLY ecache pre-approved bloggers will be able to get a copy of the gifts. Vendors should put out a copy of the gift if they want it blogged.



Application Form (Plugged In Hunt II)


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