ePIH Hints & Prize Preview

You are looking for me!

  1. Raynzone – Music is good for every season!
  2. JP’s Alley Catz – Let the music shine some light into your heart

  3. SL Live Radio – What you hear is what you see, take a chance and look at me.

  4. Lovely Mi – under random item givers you will find your prize

  5. SCS Designs (male only gift) – You’ll find it even if you don’t have any change on you

    5b. Oooo LaLa Jewelers – (skip no gift out)
  6. Les sucreries de Fairy – I love Tim Burton 🙂
  7. Ro!Act Designs  – (dropped)
  8. ~Mesh Glam~ Sometimes you need to just kick your feet up and listen to tunes, but be careful not to crush your headphones

  9. Sin Original – Summer Love

  10. Zeus Gay Club and Concert Hall – No need to kneel at Zeus’ feet, but it’s a good view of the dance floor!

  11. Hu’sShooz /Kitten Kreationz – What’s Newz at Hu’s

  12. The Happy Hat – Check the Hunt Hints to find where the music will unwind
  13. blah.BLAH.blah – I love a good music box…
  14. [[[[NOISE]]]]House of the Obscene – so the world became bubbles…
  15. Sour Pickles – (not using official hunt cache)
  16. Vath Enterprise – a little technology is all you need; just a few steps will get you there indeed
  17. USC Textures – Visit the Musical Lounge and see what’s fallen down the back of the sofa
  18. Lyrical Bizzarre – It’s all shiny and New!

  19. Grumble – The louder the better…use a gesture!
  20. Seven Exits – Paper or plastic?

  21. Just Dance (adult region) – Music at Just Dance is pure- Intoxication-. Hunt down that prize as you fall -Under the Influence- of the beats.

  22. :UR: (adult region) – The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. – Albert Einstein
  23. Pink Jello (female only gift) – She is the Boom Pony
  24. Fruitie Cuties – Rockin’ in the U.S.A.
  25. Sprinkled Shop – if you wanta hint for a hunt, i will see whats LEFT. may have to come BACK later cause im stuck in the CORNER
  26. JazzyCreations – 2 gifts: #1) A picture says more than a thousand words, and in these words lies the location of the hidden item. #2) Browse through some gestures in the vending machine, and on the way out you see a wall with pictures on it…[no pic – gestures]

3 Responses to “ePIH Hints & Prize Preview”


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